The Game Of Confidence : The Beginners Guide To Believe In Yourself

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Individuals might not have leadership qualities by birth but there’s always the possibility to display and develop the skills and attitudes. Responsibility is one of the factors that helps to bring out a leader in people. Till the period you are dependent and secure, it is quite likely your abilities stay hidden. To be successful and fully unfold your skills, you need to trust and know yourself very well.

With a right guidance, the channeling and growth of your inner-leadership is attainable. From managing the business matters to hosting a meeting, leadership plays a vital role. The confidence you show, brings out the belief in investors and reinforces to create a thriving business.

Meet Brónagh Lyons, best selling author, Inner- leadership Coach and founder of Epic Hearts Club. After becoming astonishingly successful on her co-authored book “Monetise Your Message”, she is back with another epic book called “ The Game Of Confidence : The Beginners Guide To Believing In Yourself”.

Brónagh is acknowledged as one of the finest leadership coaches committed to helping individuals strengthen their confidence and business. Lyons has been featured on various global media like Thrive Global, Influencing Entrepreneur, Disrupt Magazine, and more.

Hello Brónagh, we’re thrilled to have you on our media. Please tell us about you and the book.

Helping people to grow has always been my first priority. With the Epic Hearts Club andtogether with my fellow coaches we have been mentoring numerous individuals. We cover almost all essential  coaching programs that will benefit people to achieve an abundant lifestyle and business.

After the success of my previous book, several people reached out thanking me for the impactful content. Acknowledging the fact that often people turn down life changing projects because of low confidence, I believe it’s my duty as an inner-leadership coach to assist them to bring out the best version of themselves. That was one of the core reasons for writing my new book “ The Game Of Confidence”.

I believe everyone can achieve the desired result when they build self-confidence. With this book I aim to provide strategies to overcome fear of failure, boost self-esteems, success mindset, well-being, powerful affirmation and more. 

Brónagh Lyons

How to develop a growth mindset?

Growth mindset is crucial to get moving with the world. Everyday people invent theories and practices that ease human lives. Having the desire to understand new perspectives is one of the steps to develop the growth mindset. 

Trust Yourself: Believing in you is an essential aspect to develop the growth mindset. You need to feel that you can grow mentally, emotionally and physically. Anything that seems impossible can be achieved when you believe in yourself and give the best. This boosts confidence and removes the fear to take new challenges.

Positive Actions: You need to get rid of the limit in success, intelligence, personality and take action to overcome those restraints. Find ways that will help you to grow and break the barriers. Repeat positive affirmation frequently and feel worthy of the things you desire. When the mind is positive and happy, it produces a higher vibration that will align you with the productive outcome.

Stop judgments: While having judgmental thoughts it shows both the negative and positive consequences. What you attract will ultimately be seen as a result. Individuals with a growth mindset always act and vision for positive outcomes. This hides the fear of failure. By not focusing on negative calculation, you get optimistic energy flows on the task. Eliminating judgments prioritizes growth and embraces failure as a learning process.

Accept the change: When you learn and practise a growth mindset, the way you behave and look at things change in positive ways. Ignore the judgment by people and accept the difference in you. We are not the people we used to be 5 years ago, we all have been adapting to the change in a slow manner .Growth mindset brings the outcome of years within a short period. Embrace the new you, have confidence, take positive action and stop making judgments. 

What are the two ways to build self-confidence for success?

You must have noticed that successful people never worry about saying “No”. Confidence is built on small progresses we make in our daily or business life. New entrepreneurs/freelancers accept almost all the projects with the aim to make lots of money in a short time. That often brings dispute with clients and increases stress. To be successful you need to focus on a particular client and stop pleasing everyone. Delivering the best, trumping your clients expectation and the work appreciation which comes along with it will boost your confidence to charge high tickets to upcoming customers and reach a new level of success. 

Set a goal: Make a list of things you need to executive within a day. Start with difficult tasks. At the end of the day your achievement gives you a satisfaction of success. Repeat the process which allows you to accomplish weekly and monthly vision. This easy strategy brings drastic change in the level of confidence and motivates you to take bigger challenges.

Forgive: There will always be people bullying or sharing negative thoughts. Don’t let outer surroundings affect your emotions. Forgiveness helps you to overcome negative feelings and inspires you to keep your mind toward your goal. People might say: that can’t be done!
Create the right plans and keep working even if the odds are against you.

Any affirmation you would like to share with our audience for success and confidence?

You can practise affirmations any time throughout the day but I personally recommend you to try it in the morning. For those people who are struggling in day to day life, I will like to tell them not to worry. Attract positive thoughts and it will start to bring results. Everything in life is figureoutable and you deserve success and happiness.

  • I am courageous and can take any challenges
  • Failures never hurt me
  • I accept all that is good and let go negative feelings
  • I create the life I desire
  • I am open-minded and always eager to learn
  • I share and attract joy
  • I am mindful of the things happening around me. I celebrate every success even if it is small
  • People love my presence and I will help them with all my possible power in need

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