Beauty- more than just a look

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With the word beauty, we mostly associate the appearance of a person or maybe an animal. We think of the trends of fashion with all the models showing and presenting what beauty is. We think of a face with a certain shape and a certain nose. We might also think about an extraordinary hairstyle or jewelry that helps us to be beautiful. 

A big part of this are social media influencers. Taking a look at Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny we can see how much they can influence their viewers about the subject of beauty. 

Taking a closer look at the word beauty, we might think about a beautiful pet, a beautiful garden, or a beautiful city. 

Mostly we think about materialistic things that we describe as beautiful, but beauty is much more. 

Let´s check out some more other aspects of beauty!

Beauty and its definitions

Beauty is seen in many different ways. Beauty can be a combination of colors, shapes, and forms that aesthetically satisfy our eyes. Others say that happiness is beauty. It can be the attitude of our soul that is represented as pure beauty. Nowadays people specify physical beauty, natural beauty, and the qualities of a person or thing that gives pleasure.

Society sets a trend

Taking physical appearance as an example we can see that society creates trends that are changing constantly. In one generation, it is beautiful to have a thin long face, others define proper cheeks as beautiful. For a while, the majority of girls had short hair while later most of them wear very long hair. 

Not only appearance is a trend, behavior, and attitude are changing as well and people define beauty how we treat each other.

How we feel

A subject that might be sensed as a little bit spiritual is how people feel and how they appear because of that. A person that is happy, strong, and balanced from the inside brings this out and presents it. If we feel insecure about wrong in our body or our character, other people will recognize and realize that something is not complete.

How we think

Our thoughts are very important for the definition of beauty. If we can positively control our thoughts, we can start to create beauty in ourselves. Having negative thoughts can take us down and take away a lot of energy. Being positive and beautiful in our minds will bring us closer to our goals and our happiness.

How we treat each other

Something that makes every human beautiful is how they care for each other. If they treat each other with respect and good manner, they create something very human which brings out real beauty. Taking care of each other and being helpful without judging anyone, we can bring harmony and happiness and this is beautiful for us.

Who we are

Who we are matters. If we are clear within ourselves, with our thoughts, emotions, and how we appear, how we dress, and how we behave, we can create human beauty in ourselves. When we are confident, self-loving and caring we can help others to learn that as well. Being good at who we are, makes us beautiful!

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