Things you must know about seismic retrofit

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There are numerous soft-story buildings in the United States. There were cases in the US where the buildings completely collapsed and multiple people died because of the weaker ground floor. To prevent natural disasters like earthquakes adding soft story seismic retrofit is important. The house we live in has to be strong so that children and family members can be protected. A house is a place where we create many beautiful experiences and memories. Building a house with cheap material can bring devastating trouble in the future. That is why to be safe from future events one must make the building strong. Investing money for a strong building will provide long-term return and safety. 

Things to know about soft-story building

The housing prices all over the world are increasing. For many people, it is difficult to buy a dream house. Individuals had to often settle on the building they could get with less money. With the average salary, it’s impossible to buy a house with a proper garden, parking space, garage, hangout area, and more. Homeowners are building large-story houses with space on the ground floor. So, the people renting the apartment can park their cars, operate restaurants, or store things. The weak foundation on the ground floor has to take all the pressure off the building. In the case of an earthquake can’t resist and breakdown taking the whole building to the ground. 

Natural disasters are unpredictable. Already there are a large number of soft-story buildings around Los Angeles and other states, incase of an earthquake thousands of people can die and more than 300,000 people will be displaced. Being intelligent beings on the planet, humans should focus on proper buildings so that people will suffer less during natural catastrophes. 

The need for soft story retrofit

Many things and materials that we use for building our house get weak over the period. Some houses are still standing strong because they are getting maintained and repaired often. Soft story retrofit helps the construction to get back the strength again. Adding a soft-story retrofit can avoid dangerous natural disasters and ensure safety. If you feel the house or building you are living in needs reconstruction then consult with the experts. Structural engineers can help you know about the condition of your place and give you the best advice to safely care for your property. The cost of retrofitting depends upon the size of your place and the need for strength.

The benefits of soft-story seismic retrofit

There are multiple benefits of soft-story seismic retrofit. People are always looking for safety, whether it is buying an apartment or visiting shopping places. When your building looks strong people will feel more confident to spend time there. A strong building can strengthen the income source.

Another benefit of retrofitting is that you can get earthquake insurance. Retrofitting is becoming mandatory in many states, so when you have earthquake-proof houses you will be able to get a lower earthquake insurance premium. Knowing that your home is strong gives numerous mental and health benefits to the owner. Retrofitting your house is way cheaper than losing it because of the earthquake.

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