3 Tips To Monetize Your Personal Brand On Social Media Written By Ruben Alvarez

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There are so many businesses and personal brands on social media today. However, how many of these have taken the steps to monitze their profile and get a return for all of the effor thtey have done?

It all starts with intention. It is my belief that far too many are in this to have people come to them with offers and hand them massive amounts of dollars. YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok will not come to you and give you the money you are looking for.

So the question becomes “How can you get more revenue in and at a faster rate?”

1. Position Your Content Around Sponsors

Is your content centered around businesses reaching out and paying you to post? Do you have enough engagement to justify someone paying you?

See, it does not matter how spectacular your pictures are or how good the content is. At the end of the day, people are going to pay you for extra exposure on social media.

Therefore, if you do not have views, like and comments, especially comments, then there is not much value to your account. If you are not posting regularly for the products or services you want to get paid to advertise, then you will not attract the right businesses.

2. Post As If Your Were A Brand Ambassador

There are many things to consider when posting on each social media platform, such as content, themes, colors ect. For this portion, we are not speaking on any of those things. We are directly talking about your posts and if they show product placement in them.

Making a post that does not show product placement is costing you a potential sponsorship contract. When people know you are open to showcasing a product, they are more likely to reach out to you and ask how much you charge for those posts.

3. Increase Your Engagement

The most comical part of getting paid to do something is that others need to want what you are selling. Get your mindset right. Businesses are paying you for potential sales as a brand ambassador.

You will get paid once you have enough influence. Therefore, start growing your engagment, comments, and influence now. Do not wait until your content is perfect. Content is not king. Engagement is.

You could have the worst content, yet if you have enough influence, still get paid $500 per post. In this market, you are fighting for attention, not perfection.

Bonus Tip: Create A List Of Potential Partners

This might be the most difficult tip for most people. You need to create a list of 10 potential businesses you would like to have pay you to post or send you free products.

Once you have that list, ask yourself “what would this business require from me to sponsor me?”

Then go ahead and email those businesses and ask what their partner programs look like. You will not know the exact answers for these questions until you ask. Then you can center everything you do around those parameters and begin to monetize every post you do and every video you create.

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