How to sell on AWS Marketplaces or other platforms

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So you have an idea of a business but no fund to promote the product? Marketplaces are the best free tools for you to start. 

Marketplaces are one of the most reliable places to list your product or even services to maximize the reach and make money. Oftentimes numerous marketplaces provide free listings but some can cost a subscription fee per month/ year. Whatever platform you choose, marketplaces can help you to increase the visibility of your service. Another great thing about being part of marketplaces is that you or your business doesn’t have to deal with finding the customer. The online platform and their team do the hard work. Some companies might charge certain fees in each purchase so that their platform can sustain. 

Why do you need professional help to sell on AWS Marketplaces?

See everyone loves the idea of exposing their business to millions of audiences. Companies love making money and will try their best to be on the top list for their product/ service. As a beginner, you need to understand that there are already thousands of competitors. If you list your business on aws marketplace or other platform, it doesn’t matter. There already exists huge competition in every business right now. If you are starting solo there is no guarantee of success because you don’t know how the system works. To understand the platform, needed keyword, SEO description, and all the necessary stuff, it will take months for you to figure out the exact steps. This process can be huge and costly and doesn’t guarantee sales. So, working with professional companies that have been helping thousands of business owners to become successful will be great steps. This will help you to have the confidence of a successful business as well as guarantee success. Receiving success in a short time of business is far better than learning for years and failing the company.

How to start your marketplaces and sell your service?

If you have a good fund then starting your website or marketplace to promote your business is a great idea. This way you will be the sole responsible for the business success or failure. Another great advantage for professional entrepreneurs is that they don’t have to depend upon a third-party website/ company to promote the business. There are numerous companies where you can buy a domain, hosting and they will automatically help you to start a marketplace. Running any kind of online company has been easy right now but does need funds.

After starting your website with marketplaces filled with your service, you can create ads on different social media platforms to get the customer’s attention and sales. Almost every platform offers advertisement services. Focus on the right platform, create multiple ads to review the best performing, and maximize the reach. Understanding the right people who will buy your product or service is very important. Ignoring this can cause serious damage to the marketing fund and create a loss. If you don’t want to take the riskiest part then hiring a marketing expert will be a great idea. There are many ways you can maximize your sales and build a thriving business, if you are new to entrepreneurship we advise you to hire a mentor who can help you in every step of your journey.

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