Six Sigma Trade – A Network Marketing Company

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The prevalent pandemic situation has altered the world economies topsy-turvily around the globe. Markets all around the world have to adapt to the changing business scenarios, where businesses could be run with minimal human interaction. The obvious choice is to switch to the online trading where fresh ideas and state of the art technologies are continuously evolving to bring in security and convenience to the online transactions. Companies which had been resorting to traditional business models since decades are exploring fresh avenues to reach out to their customers for attracting investments and for selling their products. 

Where the above-explained flux in the business landscape has created new avenues for money generation, it is also responsible for a mushroom growth of scams and fraudulent practices, which has left the virtual world of online transactions in the state of complete disarray. It is hard for prospective investors to tell a genuine investment opportunity from a scam. I have been approached multiple times by various friends in the past weeks, with requests to review such opportunities. In this context, in the following paragraphs, I would review Six Sigma Trade, a network marketing company, related to the field of artificial intelligence. I came to know about the Company through a couple of friends, who were very excited to get it reviewed for making an informed decision.

Before getting on to the review, it is important that we set parameters for measuring profitability vis-à-vis trustworthiness of a network marketing or multilevel marketing company. A company would be more stable if it has a sound business plan viz. it is able to generate more real income from outside of its input investment stream than that it ploughs back to its distributers. Further, such companies are more likely to survive if they tend to address local legal requirements of the countries in which they are operating. Transparency is another touchstone on which intentions of the company’s management can be judged. Based on these broader parameters, let’s try to ascertain whether Six Sigma Trade is a scam or a real investment opportunity.

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