Entrepreneur’s dilemma – Hiring the right person

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An entrepreneur wants the best people in the team. This is because they want the best for their organization. Imagine if every employee is hired correctly, how much the leads will increase. Therefore, it is one of the entrepreneur’s priorities to hire the right person for the job. But precisely what approach do they take to hire the right candidate. We see numerous interviews being done, but still, there is a loophole somewhere. Let us analyze;


Find some new ways to know in-depth about the employee during the interview. This can take you a long way. You can understand how the potential candidate thinks and what are his or her work ethics.

Personality test

Make it a mandatory part of your hiring process. A personality test tells about the candidate in a more advanced way. You get an idea of how the person will react in emergency situations, distress, happiness and more. You will understand the candidate’s hobbies, qualities and weaknesses.

Out of comfort zone

Put your candidates in situations where they are allowed to show their true potentials. In conditions where they most probably show their true selves. In this way, you will get to know the candidate practically.

Body language

Body language speaks a thousand words. If the employee lousy in posture or has terrible body language, consider him or her rejected. This is because the first impression in a corporate environment is critical. You will want your employees to dress up appropriately and have the right attitude towards work. Thus, body language is an essential part of hiring.

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