Exclusive Interview With Jean Germeil, Founder Of Enforsys

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“Our experience, ideas and our stack completely set us apart!
Because we leverage bleeding-edge technology, we are way, way ahead of others teams in terms of what we can offer to our customers. “-
Jean Germeil

1.Please tell us about your business?

Enforsys UK Limited is a Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) firm based in London, UK. 

What we do: we build products and services on top of permissioned and non-permissioned blockchains and also deploy decentralized Finance solutions and protocols to allow users to take control of their finances by using the Enforsys stack. That’s our business in a nutshell.

Our most popular platform at the moment, by far, is Crypto to Cards (http://cryptotocards.com), which we built to allow cryptocurrency holders to (among other things) cash out by purchasing Visa, American Express and Master Cards products directly, instantly.

Currently, we are laser-focused on pushing our N46 protocol to production – the N46 protocol allows cryptocurrency to travel through networks made of Light (LiFi), Sound (SoundFi) and Radio Signals (LoRaWAN).

2.What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business’ success?

I would say the most influential factor was my time as a Chief Technology Officer in South Korea. My creativity as a coder and manager was pushed to its absolute limits! My work ethic, personal stack and network have greatly benefited from my stint in South Korea.

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