Millionaire Shark- Josh Founder Of Lifestyle Goals

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There are numerous opportunities for those who endeavor to make a change in life. With the growth mindset, we can achieve everything we desire. The thing that appears impossible will be accomplished, and we can live beyond our wildest dream. From traveling around the world to living in a million-dollar mansion, everything is possible!

Meet Josh, founder of Lifestyle Goals and Dropshipping expert. He believes that when we are clear on the vision we can bring a drastic change in our life. Josh is a mentor to hundreds of students worldwide and dedicated to helping new business owners to create a lifestyle out of 9-5 jobs.

Hello Josh, Please tell us about you and your work?

While I was at my corporate job I used to feel it’s not the place for me. I always wanted to be my boss and help people. Growing up I understood a happy family and good health are the keys to success. Working for others, I never got satisfactory quality time to share with my family. Which became one of the reasons for me to work on my passion.

I am a dedicated and hard-working man. I always listen to people and think from different perspectives. That allowed me to have a growth mindset and achieved a digital lifestyle. Right now my focus is on my Dropshipping business :

Also, I always find time to help people who reach out to me for strategies to create an online business.

Do you think anyone can live a digital lifestyle? If yes, what’s the first step?

If I can do it then anyone can. See failure is part of growing but if we have the right mentor this can be minimized. We often try to find our solution at the beginning which takes most of our time and capital. I advise every individual who wants to start an online business to hire the right coach. This will be one of the best investments you will ever make. 

Mentors can help us to achieve desired results within 6 months that moderately can take up to 2 years.

What are the two online businesses you recommend for newbies?

I love affiliate marketing and Dropshipping. If you’re new to online business try reading as much information possible on the internet about these two models. The advantage of both businesses is that you never need to have your product. 

Affiliate marketing: Drive traffic to the business/ product you like and earn commission out of each sale.

Dropshipping: Get the product orders on your online store and let the third party (Wholesaler) handle product manufacturing and shipping.

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