Millionaire Shark: Seth Tzvi Rosenthal Founder Of H2ohm Water

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Millionaire Shark: Seth Tzvi Rosenthal Founder Of H2ohm Water

Entrepreneurship is fascinating because it has the potential to give us financial and time freedom. At the end of the day, what we often desire is having enough money so we can spend more time with our family. With technology, we can effortlessly make money from any parts of the world.

Owning a business and earning the desired income sounds good but it’s not always the case. Numerous businesses fail within the first year because of not sufficient experience or running a business without any advisor/ mentor.

Enter Seth Tzvi Rosenthal, founder of H2ohm water. He is committed to helping new entrepreneurs to grow their business and create an abundance of living.

Today we interviewed Seth Tzvi Rosenthal to share his business experience and strategies.

Hello Seth, we’re thrilled to welcome you to Millionaire Shark. Please tell us about you and your business.

Thank you for your invitation. I always had the entrepreneurial spirit in me. I have started multiple successful businesses and currently, I am focused on H2ohm water.

During my business journey, I have recognized the fact that we as an entrepreneur hustle to reach the desired goal. We often ignore our well-being and constantly work hard. Entrepreneurs should put health as a priority. If we can revive ourselves, we will be able to reach the milestone.

What is the inspiration behind H2ohm water?

H2ohm water is one of the best products I have launched. As I mentioned earlier, entrepreneurs put their work first and ignore health. This creates a lot of irregularity in their sleep, mental and physical health. Some business owners additionally have to deal with depression because they never put their health first.

It is essential to strengthening our energy so that we can have work-life balance. Focusing on catching breaks and drinking water are some of the simple tips to calm down and get the work enthusiasm back. To create proper drinking habits for the entrepreneur, I started H2ohm water.

I am happy to see that many people buy this water bottle and put in their desk so they can drink when needed.

What advice would you like to share with our audience thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?

We need more entrepreneurs to solve various problems in our world. I always like to meet people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. If anyone reading this post will like to be a successful entrepreneur I advise you to always put your health first. Good health is one of the keys to success.

When you start the day practice positive affirmation. During your workday, take a break to practice mindfulness.

Have enough volume of water and try to stay away from chemical process drinks.

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