How To Harness Your Own Uniqueness

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We all are gifted with some uniqueness. We may not be good at studies but might have skill at games. When we are able to find our uniqueness and love it, we can create something magical.

Today if you see any singer and research about them. You may find that they have been singing for a long time. At the time a person knows the fact that they are good at something and keep practising to make it better. No one can match the amount of tallent the person gained.

Some are lucky enough to be able to spot these uniqueness at a young age. But for others it might take a long time. Don’t give up if you are still in this phase. There are various ways you can find your uniqueness. Getting confused about life and purpose is human nature but with the right guidance we can always flourish.


This is one of the easy techniques to find your own uniqueness.Be at a peaceful place and if possible, sit in meditation pose so you can channel your energy better. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  After a couple of min of breathing start thinking about the things that you are good at. Try to go in your mind and remember those moments where you worked on something and you felt good. When you get back those memories, practise it. Try different related ideas everyday till you find something you never feel bored about.

Allow your spiritual guide to help you

We are a part of this universe and acknowledge that everything works with energy and force. Find some ways that you can get aligned with the spiritual world while knowing all these physical things happening day to day. Close your eyes and ask for the universe to guide you to find the uniqueness. When we surrender ourselves to the universe magic happens.

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