Why I Learned About Sales Tax Nexus

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Hearing the word “sales tax nexus” made me feel like I don´t want to know anything about it. It sounds too complicated and the word tax makes me run away even faster.

Sometimes reading or hearing something that we don´t understand makes us feel overwhelmed and we try to avoid it. 

Take the challenges and stay flexible

I started to work on my mindset in this way. Every time I was challenged with something that I never heard before I took a deep breath and confronted myself with it by researching about it.

As I run my own business online I want to continuously grow my mind and knowledge to keep me up-to-date and flexible. 

The preparation is essential

Of course, you should learn and research a subject before you start a business in the field. I did that. I learned about marketing, accounting, management, and much more before I started the business. 

I took the chance

It was a perfect time to gain knowledge and prepare for the kick start of my business because I was in my apartment all the time. After all, there was a lockdown. 

So, I took the given chance and listen to podcasts, watch videos, read magazines and blocks to understand the niche.

Mindset matters

If you want to grow with your business you should have a mindset that is excited and ready for new unknown things. You should not be scared of things you don´t understand. Your mind and body should feel ready to take the challenge, learn something new and do researches.

It is human to not know everything

It is totally normal that you and I cannot know everything. We have a huge knowledge but there is always new information we never heard before. 

Accept that you are a human being with a certain knowledge but not a universal power.

Have the mindset that you want to learn more and more every day. 

Everything that comes I try to understand

I set myself the goal that whatever new information comes: I will give my best to understand it! This mindset helped me to become a pro in the field of my business. 

Sales tax nexus

That was maybe one of the first challenges I had to face. While I prepared and planed my entrepreneurship I came through this term. 

As I said before: I take a deep breath and get started.

When I saw the word “tax” I already got scared, but I knew I have to do it.

It is easier than it sounds

As I started to research the words and their meaning I realized that the first steps are the hardest. Finding out that sales tax nexus criteria is simply the connection and presence of a company in a

country helped me later again and again. It helped me to find out where I have to collect and pay taxes with which conditions. 

The term sales tax return is a simple example of how we shout set our mind. We should not get scared about a word or expression. 

Before getting scared or unmotivated, find out what it is and it will help you in the future with all kinds of things. 

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